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We are opening the Dance Sessions at Elim Church on Thursday 2nd September. The monthly meetings at both Elim Church & Sainsburys Cafe will begin on September 11th and September 29th respectively.

Members should have received a postal newsletter & an Events List, please phone anyone on the commitee if you did not receive yours. 

We will continue to update this webpage for your information.

The following virtual meetings are open to all members, usually by Zoom

A Monthly Quiz  
On the same date as our Elim Church meetings 
(Normally every 2nd Saturday of the month)
The next date for a branch quiz is Saturday 14th August 2021 @2pm

Dance Sessions with Izzy 

Please note: there will be No Dance sessions on 29th July or 5th August. We are hoping to return to Elim Church on Thursday 19th August with our live sessions.
Please contact Sue on 01274 883113 for more details.


"Singing Group"
Our webpage has the details of our "For the Joy Of Singing Group" 
Please contact Eileen on (01422) 373566 or Anne on 01422 253368 for further information. 

A message from Janet Edmunds our Parkinson's UK Local Adviser

"As a local advisor I have been asked not to do home visits, for the foreseeable future, due to the COVID-19 situation. I am still actively supporting people over the telephone. This is obviously a very difficult time for people with Parkinson's and their carers. Rest assured,  I am here to support you during this time, even if it is just for a welfare call or a friendly chat ................."
Janet will be at our Anniversary Meeting on 9th October
You can contact Janet on 0344 225 3638

The Committee members contact deatails are listed on our "Contact us" page. Please use this information should you require any information about the date our meetings will start again, following this enforced shutdown.


Our Newsletter Page

We send out newsletters, to members, 4 times per year,  usually in April, July, October & December to cut down on postage costs.
You can pick a newsletter up, in person, at most monthly meetings or classes. Below you can view or download and print newsletters by clicking the date.
Please note we have no archive before July 2016

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